GitLab is a MIT-licensed, web-based Git repository manager that provides issue tracking, code hosting, and Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Development (CD). The CSL uses GitLab to host Git repositories for the sysadmins (excluding the public repositories for GitBook, Ion, Director, and Othello). The website for the developers behind GitLab can be found at and the CSL's self-hosted version can be found at


The first installation of GitLab occured around September of 2017. All the repositories previously on the TJCSL Github had to be manually marked deprecated and moved to the new system. It was reinstalled after the events of the Cephpocalypse during October of 2018.

Primary Uses

  • Hosting repositories (for passcard, ansible, dns, dhcp, qemuconfig, etc.)

  • Providing CI pipelines for updates to DNS and DHCP.

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