CentOS is a stable Linux distribution derived from the sources of the popular RedHat Enterprise Linux.
The CSL only has a few servers running on CentOS; namely, The Cluster. The rest run on Ubuntu Server.

Notable Features

  • Slightly higher stability than Ubuntu
  • Has a different package manager (yum + rpm)
  • Slightly smaller package ecosystem, made up for by large 3rd party repositories.
  • A lot of backported packages including the kernel

Notable CSL Modifications


  • All of the system configuration and log files are named slightly differently than Ubuntu, making things slightly annoying.
  • CentOS actually beats out Ubuntu in how old its Python is; there is no Python 3, only Python 2.7.5 in the official repository!
  • You can pry my CentOS-specific Ansible plays from my cold, graduated hands.
Last modified 4yr ago