Directory Structure

This list documents the current state of AFS directories in the CSL. For a more up-to-date list, perhaps ssh into a Remote Access server and ls /afs/csl yourself.

General Conventions

Usually, if a mount point is read-only, then there will be another read-write mount point with the same name with dot in front of the name. For example, the mount point /afs/csl/service is read-only, but /afs/csl/.service is read-write. Both of those mount points are the same volume (service), but one is a read-only copy, and thus more likely to be available.

We also try to have volume names roughly correspond to where the volume is typically mounted in the directory tree, using dots as delimiters instead of slashes. For example, /afs/csl/service/matlab was a mount point to service.matlab, and /afs/csl/web/www is web.www. They do not have to completely correspond (volume names can only be so long), but they should be similar.

Directory Hierarchy


This is the read-only mount point for root.cell for our cell. /afs/ is the read-write mount point, and /afs/csl/ is a symlink to /afs/, and /afs/.csl/ is a symlink to /afs/


Home directories for parents; primarily webmasters.


Staff home directories for accounts that authenticate against the windows servers are stored here.


Student home directories for accounts that authenticate against the windows servers are stored here, each separated by graduation year.

  • alumni/

    Dedicated folder for alumni.

  • dropbox/

    Where students taking a class in the CSL can drop their code to turn it in.


Data for various web services. The sub-directories here used to correspond to a subdomain https://*, although now all our newer websites are run through an Nginx proxy that redirects traffic to the correct VM. See Director and Othello for more details.

  • www/ and www.backup/

    Data files for the main website under the www subdomain (since deprecated). Other web subdomains (such as arts, activities, sports, etc.) also have their own directories in web/.

  • academics/ and academics.backup/

    Ran the old club websites. Currently obsolete, since replaced by Director.

  • web-docs/

    Peter Morasca, former Systems Administrator for the Windows domain, has some files in here. iThey are probably obsolete/


Used to store DNS and DHCP. Now replaced with GitLab CI.


Storage for student councils of each grade can place files to share between themselves and with the rest of the populace. Since unused in favor of Google Docs (*shakes fist at clouds*).

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