SignageAdmin was an experimental project to administer the Signage displays. It would use localized mousescript2 installations to detect tampering of the Signage displays. Specifically, it would shut down Signage displays if unauthorized devices are connected or authorized devices are disconnected. (In the future, after experiments have been conducted on live Signage displays, the shutdown may be changed to a reboot.)

Signage Admin would also provide a web interface to administer the Signage displays, and possibly even notify sysadmins if anything happens to a Signage display, such as loss of networking or the connection of unauthorized devices. In addition, the web interface would provide an option to temporarily disable mousescript2, allowing sysadmins to connect a keyboard and/or mouse for system maintenance should it become necessary.

The project was led by John Beutner and Theo Ouzhinski. The code, along with additional information such as setup instructions, can be found in the signage3 namespace on GitLab.

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