Preserving the integrity and ensuring safety to user data, password material, and sensitive configurations is an utmost priority for the Sysadmins. When documenting processes, technologies, machines, or services, you may come across information that is sensitive or nonpublic. This information should not be shared on this public documentation site.


Any data provided by a user or the school is considered user data. This includes but is not limited to any data defined under the US Family and Educational Rights and Privacy Act as student educational records, hashed or un-hashed passwords, home addresses, phone numbers, financial information, student data files on AFS, and eighth period schedules.

Password material is any material, electronic or non-electronic, that authorizes access to any SysLab machine. Password material includes but is not limited to passwords, SSH keys, GPG keys, hardware authentication tokens, and MRAC cards.

Sensitive configurations are any files, data, or other information pertaining to any SysLab machine or service where the publication of such information would jeopardize the integrity of the SysLab network/servers, provide attackers with additional non-public information, or result in harm to the SysLab/TJHSST/FCPS. Examples of sensitive configurations include maps of the SysLab's network setup, files containing password material, and configuration displaying user data.

What to Do

Sysadmins should NEVER publish the above defined data to this website. Password material should be secured properly in accordance with other SysLab policies and guidelines. Sensitive configurations should be secured properly in accordance with other SysLab policies and guidelines. Exceptions to this page or any other SysLab policy should be cleared with the Faculty Sponsor.

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