RBD Snapshots

To create an RBD snapshot, run

rbd snap create <IMAGE NAME>@<SNAP NAME>

where <SNAP NAME> is the requested snapshot name.

For example, to snapshot virtual-machines/steeltoe with a snapshot named 20190108 :

rbd snap create virtual-machines/steeltoe@20190108

We use the YYYYMMDD format as our naming convention for snapshot based on the day of the snapshot. For example, a snapshot made on January 1, 2019 would be 20190101 . Any further snapshots have a -1 (etc.) appended.

CephFS Snapshots

To create a snapshot of a CephFS directory, run:

mkdir <PATH TO DIR>/.snap/<SNAP NAME>

More information is available at

We use the same snapshot naming convention as RBD snapshots.

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