Account Provisioning

Even though we have integrated authentication for accounts, user provisioning still needs to occur in every system independently.

Unix accounts

We have a script called that provisions all necessary accounts. It takes the username. first name. and last name as the arguments.


  • Generates an LDIF

  • Export the LDIF

  • Adds the LDIF to openldap1

  • Creates an AFS home directory

  • and resets the Kerberos principal password to the default

Manual Provisioning

Use of the manual steps is not recommended.

Creating AFS User

First, you need to create an AFS user account. Make sure you are authenticated with your /admin principal.

pts createuser <username>

The command should give an output similar to:

User <username> has id 12345678

If the user already has an AFS user account, run the following command in order to obtain an ID.

pts examine <username>

Creating LDAP User

Next, you need to add the account to LDAP. First, generate an LDIF file using the guide at NSS LDAP Templates. Run the command below after you have created an LDIF file.

ldapadd -h openldap1 -Y GSSAPI -f <ldif file>

Below is an example LDIF file. Make sure you replace first name, last name, uidNumber, and graduation year!

dn: uid=2017ewang,ou=2017,ou=students,ou=people,dc=csl,dc=tjhsst,dc=edu
cn: Eric Wang
description: 2017
displayName: Wang, Eric
givenName: Eric
uid: 2017ewang
sn: Wang
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
objectClass: top
objectClass: organizationalPerson
objectClass: person
objectClass: posixAccount
uidNumber: 00000000
gecos: Eric Wang
gidNumber: 2017
homeDirectory: /afs/
loginShell: /bin/bash

Adding AFS Volume

cd /afs/
vos create -server openafs3 -partition vicepa -name 20XX.<username> -maxquota 1048576
vos backup 20XX.<username>
fs mkmount <username> 20XX.<username>
fs mkmount <username>/yesterday 20XX.<username>.<backup>
fs sa <username> <username> rlidwka
vos release students.20XX

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