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Election Policy

Policy for managing student leadership elections via Intranet


The Intranet Team administers various student leaderships elections at TJ, including SGA and Class Council elections. This policy governs the administration of elections by the Sysadmins to ensure election integrity.


Election Administrators

The Intranet Lead shall serve as Election Administrator for student leadership elections. If there are more than one Intranet Leads, they or, in the case of a deadlock, the Sysadmin Leadership Team shall select one Intranet admin to serve as Election Administrator.
The Election Administrator may designate an Intranet admin to serve as Deputy Election Administrator. In the absence of the Election Administrator, the Deputy Election Administrator, if any, shall act in the Election Administrator's stead. "Intranet admins" are all Sysadmins with access to the production Ion server or to administrative interfaces of Ion.

Conflict of Interest

A "Disqualified Person" is any person serving in the TJHSST Student Government Association, running in the election, or an immediate family member of another Disqualified Person. A Disqualified Person shall also include anyone whose interests, duties, obligations or activities, or those of an immediate family member are, or may be, in conflict or incompatible with the interests of the integrity of the election. No Intranet admin may exercise their Intranet administrative power while meeting the qualifications of a Disqualified Person.
Any Intranet admin who becomes a Disqualified Person or believes may be a Disqualified Person should notify the Election Administrator of such, immediately. The Election Administrator shall determine whether such person is a Disqualified Person or elevate the issue to the Faculty Sponsor who shall make a determination. If the Election Administrator is the affected admin, the Administrator shall elevate the issue to the Faculty Sponsor.
If the Election Administrator or Faculty Sponsor judges an Intranet admin to be a Disqualified Person, the affected admin shall cease exercising any administrative power over Ion and recuse themselves from election matters for a period beginning at the start of the election and ending twenty-four hours after the announcement of the election results. If the affected admin is an Election Administrator or Deputy Election Administrator, they shall step down from that role. The Ion Lead or designee should remove access to administrative functions for the affected admin for the designated period.

Prohibited Activities

  • No Intranet admin may actively campaign for a candidate for an election administered by the Intranet team.
  • No Intranet admin or Intranet developer shall deploy any change that affects the election code-base during an election without permission from the Election Administrator or Faculty Sponsor.
  • No person except the Election Administrator or Faculty Sponsor shall attempt to access or access the results of the election until the election results have been publicly announced. Any access by the Election Administrator or Faculty Sponsor shall be for a legitimate election purpose and shall be reported in the report described below. Any access not by the Election Administrator or Faculty Sponsor must be fully investigated and the results reported as described below.
  • No Intranet admin shall deliberately interfere in the normal operation of elections.
  • No Intranet admin may release the results of any election except to duly authorized representatives of the Student Government Association.


Any student leadership election shall be governed as per the Student Government Association Constitution and the rules imposed in pursuance with such Constitution.


The Election Administrator shall submit a report on activities, including all reported recusals, anomalous activities, and exceptions granted, concerning the election to the Faculty Sponsor and, at the Administrator's discretion, to all Sysadmins.
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