Data Generation

Generating Users and Eighth Periods

Once you have your Vagrant environment set up, log into GitLab. If you do not have access to GitLab, email sysadmins@tjhsst to request access.

After you log in, clone the Ion Fake Data repo here. Follow the instructions in to generate JSON files for importing user and eighth period activity data.

Move the JSON files into the main directory of your local intranet copy, and ssh into your Vagrant machine. Then run python import_users user_import.json and python import_eighth eighth_import.json to import user and eighth period activities.

In order to show eighth period activities on Ion, you need to create eighth period blocks. Run python dev_create_blocks mm/dd/yyyy and fill in an end date. This script will create blocks every Wednesday and Friday from the current date until the end date.

Once blocks have been created, you can generate signups for the blocks on a specific date by running python dev_generate_signups mm/dd/yyyy by inputting a specific date which has eighth period blocks. The commands to generate blocks and signups for testing should ONLY be used in your local version of Ion.

Now you have enough data to begin testing changes on users and eighth periods.

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