Vagrant Setup

Director Development using Vagrant

Getting Started

Similar to Ion, Director has a setup using Vagrant. This page will go over about setting up for Director using Vagrant.

First off, install VirtualBox and Vagrant, VirtualBox is a virtualization program, and Vagrant is the development environment in where we'll run Director. For more information about those two services, please take a look at their documentation linked below.

If it is not installed already, install Git. Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. This is essential for Director if you are going to be pushing changes to it.

Ensure you have an SSH key set up with GitHub by running ssh -T You should be greeted by your username. If not, set up an SSH key with GitHub by following these instructions.

Clone the Director 4.0 repository onto your computer and cd into the new directory. Essentially just run git clone director && cd director.

Note: if your host machine is running Windows, please run git config core.autocrlf input before cloning to prevent line ending issues.

$ git clone director
$ cd director

Once inside the director directory, run vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest. If you are on Windows, also run vagrant plugin install vagrant-winnfsd.

Run vagrant up && vagrant reload and wait while the development environment is set up. This will download a Vagrant image and provision the resulting VM.


After successfully setting up the Vagrant environment, you will want to actually access your sandbox.

Start by connecting to the Vagrant box using vagrant ssh to connect to the VM.

Once inside, run cd director to change into the repo and ./scripts/ to install Director's Python dependencies using pipenv.

Once completed, you may now work on Director scripts/ will open a tmux session with the four servers each running in a separate pane.

When you are finished, type exit to exit the VM and vagrant halt to stop it. When you want to work on Director 4.0 again, cd into this directory, run vagrant up and vagrant ssh to launch the VM and connect to it, and then run exit and vagrant halt to exit and shut it down.


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