HP iLO, or integrated Lights Out, is a feature on HP servers that allows users to access the machine over the network even if the OS on the server cannot be reached.


A server's iLO can be reached in two ways:

  • Via ssh, through ssh server-ilo-hostname

  • Via a web interface by visiting https:\\ while using a VPN

Updating Firmware

The version of iLO firmware that the servers ship with does not support access to the OS. The firmware can be updated with through the following steps:

  • Retreive a copy of the most up-to-date-firmware, download a .exe version for Windows

  • Unzip the executable with unzip or a similar command

  • Retrieve the .bin file from the unzipped executable

  • Access the iLO server you wish to update via the web interface

  • Go to Firmware and OS Software > Update Firmware

  • Select Local file and the .bin file you extracted earlier

  • Select Flash, this will update the firmware

Flashing the iLO firmware will reboot the iLO, but will NOT reboot the server.

Password Limitations

HP has small password length password limits on iLOs. For HP iLO 5 (as of firmware version 1.35), it accepts any length password for a reset but only stores the first 39 characters (so you have to use the first 39 to login). HP ilO 2 has a similar problem, but with a 20 character limitation.

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