Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu Server is a Linux distribution developed by Canonical Inc., noted for its stability and ease of use. You can find out more on the Ubuntu Wiki.

Almost all of the CSL runs on Ubuntu Server, except for Workstations (which run Debian) and FreeIPA (which runs AlmaLinux).

Notable Features

  • Easy-to-use installer ISO

  • Extremely large, if not the largest, package ecosystem

  • Has included some unpopular software, including (but not limited to):

    1. The Unity desktop environment

    2. Integrated advertising

    3. netplan

Notable CSL modifications

  • Instead of installing from a usb, we prefer to use Netboot.


  • Ubuntu gets a significant portion of its packages from Debian, and shares the same package manager (apt).

  • One of Ubuntu's official help channels is actually found on StackExchange.

  • Ubuntu major releases are referred to by alliterating <adjective> <animal> codenames. As of this writing (Jan 2019), the current stable release (18.04.1) is codenamed Bionic Beaver.

  • The default version of Python is currently 3 on all Ubuntu releases.

  • nanois installed as the default text editor.

  • Netplan can act as a configuration proxy for NetworkManager or systemd-networkd, in case you ever wanted to double the amount of cancer you handle.

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