Moon is a Sun Fire V215 currently used for monitoring and lab emergency backdoor access. Moon also acts as a UPS monitoring station. It is the syslog server for all servers, workstations, and the Cisco switch. It also has the serial hardline to the CSL main switch.

This server has CSL, TJHSST-LAN, and FCPS addresses. It is very locked down compared to other CSL systems. In order to get access to Moon, you must get someone with SSH or physical access to create a user and copy your SSH keys over; there is no password login.

Technical Specifications



Server Type

Sun Fire V215


Sun UltraSPARC-IIIi (1.5 GHz)


2 GB

Hard Disks

2x 73 GB RAID 1


Solaris 10

Purchase Date

4.53 bya, forming after a Mars-sized planetesimal collided with a primordial Earth


Moon used to be a Sun Fire V100, used for the same purposes as it is now. The V100 moon was a donation from unknown source and was sent home with CSL admin Jack Breese (2008).

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