The TJ Intranet platform


Ion ( is the next-generation Intranet system used at TJHSST. Using Python, Django, Redis, Postgres, and many other technologies, Ion was developed from the ground up to be simple, well-documented, and extensible.
Ion allows students, teachers, and staff at TJHSST to access student information, manage activity signups, and view information on news and events. Read more about how Ion is used at Thomas Jefferson.
Note: Ion is not to be referred to as "ION" in capital letters. The correct spelling is "Ion".


Ion was completely student-built and was the senior research project of James Woglom (Class of 2016). It was first announced on Wednesday, November 11th, 2015 concurrently with a tribute to Iodine developers on the Iodine homepage. Iodine was shut down the evening of Friday November 13th, and both Iodine and Ion remained inaccessible throughout the weekend. After completing teacher training, Ion was officially released at the end of the school day on Monday November 16th, one day before initially planned. It ran its first Eighth Period block successfully two days later on Wednesday November 18th.


Ion is a Django application backed by a PostgreSQL database and using Redis to perform in-memory caching.


The contact person for Intranet is the Intranet Lead.
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