Account Policy

Policy for managing CSL accounts


The CSL maintains accounts for students and staff at TJHSST. This document governs authentication in the CSL.



  • All TJ students are issued a TJ CSL account with a username in the form of 20XXauser (the graduation year, first initial, and first seven letters of the last name)

    • Should someone share someone else's username by this convention those later in the alphabet shall be issued a username with an incrementing number at the end

      • For example, if the class of 2020 has Jason Doe, John Doe, and Julian Doe, Jason Doe shall be 2020jdoe, John Doe shall be 2020jdoe1 , and Julian Doe shall be 2020jdoe2

      • If a Jane Doe enters TJ as a sophomore, she shall be issued 2020jdoe3

  • By request, TJ staff members may request a TJ CSL account that shall be the same as their FCPS employee username.

  • The Sysadmins shall terminate a TJ CSL account for TJ staff members once their relationship with the school is terminated.

  • All activities on the CSL network shall be governed as per the FCPS Acceptable Use Policy.

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